What A Palaver

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25 different acts
in 25 minutes

It's manic, it's wacky, and,
cor blimey, it's even zany!!!

The clock is ticking away, and
every 60 seconds the crowd shout
"NEXT!"   A new show begins, and
no matter how good or bad it is,
we all know how long it will last.

It's a lot of fun, and very flexible.
Originally commissioned for the
25th anniversary of The Robin
Hood Festival in 2009, it can be
adapted to fit in with any specific
numerical celebration between
approximately 10 and 30.
A variation on the theme to
celebrate the 30th Olympiad is
available for summer 2012.
These pictures are for representational purposes of silliness only - actual routines can and will vary considerably and hopefully very entertainingly