What A Palaver

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Back in 1998, when the web was still quite young, I learnt all about website design and built the wapsite. I had grand ideas about how it would be as entertaining to look at on a screen as we are on a stage. For a short while, it was actually innovative and fun, and better than most other entertainers' websites. But then a combination of other people catching up fast, and being too busy working, and the massive improvement in website design technology, and all kinds of other stuff, meant that the wapsite kind of fell behind and never caught up.

So, 6 years later, in 2004, the wapsite was re-launched as the What A Palaver website.
It's a lot simpler, maybe so simple as to seem abrupt. But it is designed to impart information quickly and concisely - nowadays people have a much shorter attention span, and I think information is what most people are looking for when they visit our website.

However, if you do have plenty of spare time, and you want to see some silly pictures, and watch Krusty juggling and unicycling, and see where we performed between 1998 and 2004, and play 'Breakout', and see the latest satellite views of the planet, then the old wapsite is actually still online...
click on a WAP logo and have fun...

Ian Adcock