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They wanted a two minute routine, and we only have one routine that lasts two minutes, so that's what they got.

Of course, we had a lot of fun, the audience were fantastic, all the judges loved it, even if Simon Cowell did say "I never want to see you again".  And we'd like to apologise to Ant & Dec - they thought they were safe in the wings, but how wrong they were! Sorry guys. Amanda Holden said "If you don't get through to the next round I'll eat my knickers". But we did, so she didn't.
Video clips available online

Click here for YouTube video of what was seen on Britain's Got Talent 2009.

Click here for YouTube video of extra coverage on Britain's Got More Talent 2009.

Click here to see a version of the full routine from several years ago, completely & utterly unedited. It's not as polished, and lacking the fancier moves, but it should make you laugh - and that's what it's all about.
Just a few comments

"Phwoar!!" - Sharon
"Nice bums guys" - Laura
"u wer gr8" - D
"Oh Lordy, I was watching   whilst eating my tea!!!!" - Jill
"Awesome!" - Jon
"Oh My God - put some clothes   on" - Matt
"u both rock" - Esther
"Brilliant!" - Peter
"Bold, bald & built like   Spartans" - Kevin
"haha" - Joe
"Didn't see it" - Bill
"Fantastic!" - Grace
"Act your age" - Mum