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The Digital Paparazzi

This is a kind of official announcement, and it's a bit sad...

From the end of 2016, we are no longer performing together as "What A Palaver".
Don't worry, we haven't fallen out - we're still best of friends, and we will still be working together as "The Digital Paparazzi".
The last 23 years have been a lot of fun, we've made each other laugh a lot, and along the way have amused some other people too.
We just think we're getting a little old for the fooling around business and would like to quit while we're still good at it.
(Although Rob would like to point out that he'll never be too old for it and may well come up with some kind of solo offering sometime in the future - so watch this space for any future developments.)

Thank you very much and goodnight.

Ian & Rob

November 2016