What A Palaver

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25 different acts
in 25 minutes

It's manic, it's wacky, and,
cor blimey, it's even zany!

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Specially devised to celebrate the 30th Olympiad - a presentation of all 28 Olympic sports, plus the opening & closing ceremonies, in just 30 minutes.

A lively and energetic show with elements of street theatre, mime, circus, general silliness & complete chaos. Incorporating occasional moments that could even be considered educational!

The Bed of Nails

Thrills, spills, danger and stupidity,
presented in a fun way in order to
appeal to all ages from 5 upwards.

Plenty of audience participation,
including the famous cauliflower.

Approximately 25 minutes long,
and fully self-contained.

Cabaret or street style, adaptable
to suit any period or theme.

The Fire Show

Featuring fire-eating, fire-breathing,
and fire juggling.

Not so much audience participation,
although a volunteer is involved.

Approximately 20 minutes long, not
suitable for indoor venues (unless
they're very big and well-ventilated).

Unsuitable for small children and
those of a nervous disposition.