What A Palaver

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Juggling is actually quite easy. The
hard part is making it entertaining.

And we like to think we try harder
than most. We don't just stand there
and expect people to be impressed.
We get in amongst them and throw
6 clubs around and over their heads.

That way they notice us.

Two skiers are lost and confused.
They're missing something.
The other ski. And the other skier.

Asking members of the public won't
help much because they just can't
seem to understand.

They're not drunk but they do say
'Piste?!' in a huge variety of ways.
Water Palaver

And if it should rain ...

... and sometimes it does ...

Then we just get out the brollies,
the snorkels, and the unicycles,
and just do what we can.

Flinging and prancing in the rain.

The Digital Paparazzi
And there's always The Digital Paparazzi ...

... just wandering around taking
fun pictures of people having fun