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The Tinselators present...


Introducing Terry and Toby Tinsel - The Tinsel Twins from Tinsel Town.

A wonderful Christmas walkabout act, spreading Christmas cheer and seasonal merriment and jollity through the medium of tinsel.

Dressed head to toe in tinsel, with their tinsel covered tinsel trolley, they amuse, enthuse and delight by adorning and decorating everyone and everything they encounter with all types of tinsel. It could be a headband, a bracelet, an anklet, a brooch, a tie, or something more architectural or environmental. Fully equipped with all kinds of fastenings, tape, clips, staples, glue, and the biggest cheesiest smiles, they can and will enhance, embellish and emblazon any environment with the wonder and joy of tinsel.

It's tinselicious tinseltastic tinselocity!